Of Blood, of Pleasure and of Death…or Some Films on ‘Sexual Disorientation’

9 april, 1997 - 3 may, 1997
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Juan Guardiola Román
Jean Cocteau. La Sang d'un Poéte, 1930
Jean Cocteau. La Sang d'un Poéte, 1930

The focal point of Of Blood, of Pleasure and of Death… is European avant-garde film from the 1920s and American underground film, with the term underground here being understood as both a noun and adjective, i.e., the underground as a specific film movement located in New York during the 1970s and as a concept of alternative, non-commercial, low-budget films with no defined social or aesthetic ideology. Since Manny Farber coined the term in 1957, underground has been synonymous with an anti-bourgeois subculture and, above all, anti-Hollywood film. These films are distinguished by their mixture of primitivism and coarseness, their ambivalence towards mass culture and, especially, by a deliberate and indecent attitude towards everything taboo, especially (hetero-homo) sexual taboo.