Dance Attacks at Museo Reina Sofía

Brief explosions of dance when least expected

29 april, 2011 - please check program
Museum spaces

In celebration of International Dance Day, Dance Attacks is a series of dance actions held in different public spaces throughout Madrid. The performances, recorded and distributed through the social networks, create a set of brief choreographic actions and disruptions. Dance Attacks are seemingly spontaneous actions appearing out of the blue, in crowds, with pieces lasting no more than two or three minutes, in unexpected places.

Project participants include the Compañía Nacional de Danza, Ballet Nacional de España, 10 y 10, Ibérica de Danza, Chanta la Mui, Malucos Danza, with performances of short extracts from their choreographies

An initiative of the Association of Dance Professionals and the Cultural Association for Dance in Madrid.




12 a.m. Ibérica de Danza. 3 dancers

1 p.m. CND. 4 dancers

2 p.m. Malucos Danza. 3 musicians

6 p.m. Chanta la Mui. 1 percussionist

7 p.m. Selene Muñoz. 1 guitar