Enlace-11. Perry Bard

31 may, 2001
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Perry Bard. Interference, 2005
Perry Bard. Interference, 2005

Fascinated by the spaces that go unnoticed and the images that the hegemonic media decide to ignore, Bard has created installations, public art and single-channel videos. The common thread running through the pieces is the relationship between the city, understood as an anonymous force, and the life of the individuals who interact with it.

Some of her single-channel pieces are reminiscent of the fragments that television programmes have forced the public to accept as narrative structure. Her intention is to create a rhythm with these fragments emulating the rhythm of television and at the same time mining it, recontextualising images from the news, sequences filmed on the street and fragment of films to actively question the principles of narrative and documentary.