Enlace-21. Cecilia Noriega-Bozovich

Sabatini Building, Auditorium

Using photographs, videos and poems, Cecilia Noriega-Bozovich (Lima, 1954) went in search of the tunche to Pucallpa, an important centre of the lumber industry and today’s informal economy in the Peruvian Amazon, to conduct interviews to discover the popular and personal meaning of this whistling symbol.

Having worked as an artist in Peru and abroad, Cecilia Noriega’s work takes an ironic and reflective look at topics like the fetishism of power, military vehicles and art objects and the colour pink as objects of fetish/desire. Her work includes performance pieces and artworks such as Todos somos presidenciales (2001), El carro de la novia y los objetos que arrastra (2000), El sillón presidencial original (2003), El chismemóvil (2002) and Cecilia-Cecilia: cansada de guerra (2002).