Enlace-29. Marine Hugonnier

25 september, 2006
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Marine Hugonnier. Ariana, 2001
Marine Hugonnier. Ariana, 2001

Ariana shows how the unique geography of Afghanistan has determined its history through the story of her attempt to film a panoramic view of a mountain valley in the war zone of northwest Afghanistan, to which access is forbidden.

The Last Tour presents the closing of a cable car that used to climb to the top of the Matterhorn in Switzerland and reflects on how future travellers will see landscapes for the last time instead of discovering new worlds.

Travelling Amazonia, filmed in Brazil in August 2005, focuses on the construction of the Trans-Amazonian Highway, conceived in the 1970s to establish a trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. This ambitious plan to re-colonise the jungle was abandoned years later, after having displaced the native communities living near the construction area, and was deemed a great social, economic and ecological failure.