Enlace-32. Julia Scher

24 may, 2007
Sabatini Building, Auditorium

How are surveillance strategies combined to produce particular individual and social forms of conduct? How can we talk about surveillance? How are personal biography, investigation and production interwoven? Practices as varied as theatre, performance art, installation, the new media, video, networks, software and sound provide the raw material for Julia Scher’s projects (Hollywood, 1954). After presenting her work, she will talk about revealing what is true and false in the media, satellite surveillance, humour, outdoor space and Wonderland, a series of non-linear installations.

Julia Scher exhibits her work in physical art spaces - including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Andrea Rosen Gallery (New York) and Schipper & Krome (Berlin) - as well as on the world wide web and on the Electra recording label. She is the recipient of the Bunting Institute Fellowship for Surveillance Studies at Harvard University and currently teaches at MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).