Film and Almost Film 2004

4 november, 2004 - 12 december, 2004
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Bill Morrison.The Mesmerist, 2003
Bill Morrison.The Mesmerist, 2003

Of the eleven programmes, five feature full-length films in the form of political documentaries and cultural critiques including Jehane Noujaim’s (Cairo, 1975) Control Room (2004), Primero de mayo (la ciudad-fábrica) (2004) by Marcelo Expósito (Puertollano, 1966), Isaac Julien’s (London, 1960), BaadAsssss Cinema (2002), Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003) by Thom Andersen (Chicago, 1943) and Ange Leccia’s (Minerviù, 1952) Azé (2003).

Light, the element at the scientific and material base of film, and the limits of the visible and invisible are some of the axes on which the short film programmes are structured. These include, among other works, Mireya Masó’s (Barcelona, 1963) Garden’s Delights (2000-2001), Do You Have the Shine? (2003) by Johan Thurfjell (Solna, 1970), Dark Sun Squeeze (2003) by Pawel Wojtasik (Lodz, 1952), Bill Morrison’s (Chicago, 1965) The Mesmerist (2003), Matthias Müller’s (Bielefeld, 1961) Phantom (2003) and Ghost Games (2002) by Anri Sala (Tirana, 1974).

Beyond the multiplicity of topics used to structure the programmes in this series, the spirit of Film and Almost Film prevails, offering a platform for the most revealing creations in contemporary art in the audiovisual field.