Artivism and the Female Body

Fanzine Workshop with Zainab Fasiki

Thursday 2, Friday, 3 and Saturday, 4 September 2021 - 11am
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Free until full capacity prior registration, by mail to from June 21 to 25, indicating name, surname, date of birth, contact telephone number and motivation. No previous experience is required. Registration will be confirmed.

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Sabatini Building, Workshops

From 11am to 2pm


Free, until full capacity is reached. Prior registration required

Registration method

Via email by writing to from 21 to 25 June, indicating name, surname(s), date of birth, contact number and reasons for participation. No previous experience required. Confirmation of registration sent


15 people

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Museo Reina Sofía, Casa Árabe and Medialab Prado

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Action and Radical Imagination

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In the Meantime and Together and Rising Up

Zainab Fasiki, Hshouma [Tabú], 2019
Zainab Fasiki, Hshouma [Tabú], 2019

At the confluence of art and activism, this workshop looks to cast a critical gaze on the representation of bodies, sexuality and gender in a clear confrontation with restrictions imposed by society, laws and religions.  

Over the course of three three-hour sessions in the company of illustrator and activist Zainab Fasiki, participants will collectively produce a fanzine, exploring different drawing and lettering techniques and their use in combination with text and the possibilities afforded by self-publishing. The activity also makes space for social concerns and protests against sexism and homophobia from a feminist perspective and through artistic practice.   

Zainab Fasiki (Fez, 1994) is a feminist draughtswoman and illustrator whose first published comic Omor. Only between us (2017) explores the difficulties facing women living in Morocco. In 2019, she put together Hshouma (Taboo), a website and comic on taboos in Moroccan society with a significant social and media impact in her country.