(Dissident) Sexualities in the Time of Cholera

LGTBIQ+ 2021 Programme

22 June – 1 July 2021 - (check programme)
View of the exhibition Ida Applebroog. Marginalias, 2021
View of the exhibition Ida Applebroog. Marginalias, 2021
Jesús Carrillo
Organised by
Museo Reina Sofía

The world’s dislocated spaces have now become part of these strange pandemic times. A turbulent present situates us before paradoxical situations and hard-to-resolve conjunctures following progress rationales that formerly were beyond dispute to those looking on from the bien-pensant North. Morocco and Spain, and Africa and Europe are contemporarily traversed by the subjectivation processes of a huge power shaping new social imaginaries, new narrations and new poetics.     

Forms of sexual dissidence have always inhabited dislocated spaces and strange times, yet they still connect life paths in seemingly diverse places and temporalities. The programme through which the Museo Reina Sofía contributes to LGTBIQ+ 2021 Pride seeks to address the violence, complexities and contradictions of the present by hearing multiple voices and acting as a platform and speaker for bodies in struggles.


Cover of the publication Transfeminist Exhortations. The Situated Thought Collection. Ediciones DocumentA/Escénicas, 2021
Actividad pasada Tuesday, 22 June 2021 - 7pm
Transfeminist Exhortations
The Situated Thought Collection

The Chair of Situated Thought is an itinerant programme curated by Ileana Diéguez and Ana Longoni, and co-organised by the Metropolitan Autonomous University (Cuajimalpa Campus, Mexico) and Museo Reina Sofía. The first edition of the Chair, in 2019, gave rise to the Situated Thought Collection, an editorial project resulting from a collaboration between the aforementioned institutions and the publishing house Ediciones DocumentA/EscénicasThis encounter sets out the first issue of the collection devoted to current debates around transfeminisms.

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Las Chow Chows. Concert by Eddi Circa + Cruhda

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Zainab Fasiki, Hshouma (Taboo), 2019
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