ESTUDIO in Conversation

Tuesday, 20 October 2020 – 10am
Nouvel Building, Protocol Room
Organised by:

Museo Reina Sofía


Estrella Damm

Education programme developed with the sponsorship of the Fundación Banco Santander

Nazario Díaz. Speak to Me, Body in Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), 2018. Photograph: Camila Téllez
Nazario Díaz. Speak to Me, Body in Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), 2018. Photograph: Camila Téllez

ESTUDIO in Conversation is an encounter which makes up part of the second edition of ESTUDIO, “Half Said, Unsaid”, a programme which brings together the enquiries of artists and researchers whose practices are tied, either directly or dialogically, to the sphere of choreography and performance, voice and word. 

The activity seeks to bring the public in touch with different performance proposals, before they take place, by approaching fields of research that explore the array of projects presented. Thus, it puts forward a common space of learning in the form of a colloquium with speakers associated with the artists participating in this second edition. Approached around four conversations, the encounter opens up reflections, formulates questions and shares references to detect or reveal common interests, connections and potential. In short, a journey through the limits where the word emerges.    


10am - 10:15am

10:15am - 11am
Jesús Alcaide in conversation with Nazario Díaz about Speak to Me, Body

11am - 11:45am
Julia Morandeira in conversation with Flora Détraz about Tutuguri

11:45am - 12:15pm

12:15pm - 1pm
Isabel de Naverán in conversation with Loreto Martínez Troncoso about Souffle(s)! [Delusions of (a) Garden]

1pm - 1:45pm
Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca and José Luis Espejo in conversation with Niño de Elche about The Breeze Carries Lies

1:45pm -  2pm


Jesús Alcaide (Córdoba, 1977) is an art critic and independent curator. He is editor of the anthology Pepe Espaliú. La imposible verdad. Textos 1987-1993 (La Bella Varsovia, 2018), and has worked on different curatorial projects on the work of this artist, for instance Pepe Espaliú. Tres temps (Tecla Sala, Hospitalet, 2018), Pepe Espaliú. En estos veinticinco años (García Galería, Madrid, 2018), Aquí y ahora. Pepe Espaliú (Centro de arte Pepe Espaliú, Córdoba, 2018) and Pepe Espaliú-Juan Muñoz. Correspondencias (Sala Verónicas, Murcia, 2019). Alcaide has worked alongside Nazario Díaz in the research project Looking for Pepe, from its inception and through its different presentations and formalisations.   

Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1976) is a composer, sound artist and music teacher. He has premiered instrumental, electronic and stage pieces at national and international festivals, and has participated as a composer and performer in different stage pieces, for instance Aitana Cordero’s La Casa and ECLIPSE : MUNDO, by Paz Rojo. Noteworthy among his audiovisual work are three feature-length documentaries, made with José Luis Tirado, and his active involvement in the audiovisual collective ZEMOS98. Since 2012, he has worked closely on different works with the poet María Salgado, including the stage recital Hacía un ruido (2014) and the audio-textual pieces Jinete Último Reino Frag.3 (2017) and Jinete Último Reino Frag.2 (2019). He also lectures on the MA in Thought and Contemporary Stage Creation at the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Castilla y León (ESADCYL) and coordinates the Communities section in the Museo Reina Sofía’s Education Department.

José Luis Espejo (Barcelona, 1983) is a teacher, researcher and exhibition and concert curator. After studying Art History, he bases his research on the relationships between the art and culture of listening, participating in self-managed projects such as Mediateletipos and Ursonate Fanzine. He is in charge of curating live arts (music-sound) in the Museo Reina Sofía’s Public Activities Department and is a contributor to RRS, the Museo’s online radio station. Moreover, he coordinates the module on Theory and History on the MA in the Music Industry and Sound Studies at Carlos III University in Madrid. He is the editor of Escucha, por favor (EXit Libris, 2019).

Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga (Getxo, 1986) is a researcher and curator who co-directs, with Manuel Segade, the Escuelita Research Department in the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M) in Madrid, and is a mediator in the project Concomitentes. She is also a tutor on the Dutch Art Institute MA, Netherlands, and a lecturer on the MA in the Arts and Artistic Professions from the SUR School at the Círculo de Bellas Artes and La Fábrica. She conducts her work in long-haul curatorial research projects such as Canibalia; Be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together; Nothing is true, everything is alive; Coreografías sociales and Estudios de la noche.  

Isabel de Naverán (Getxo, 1976) conducts research at the crossroads between art, contemporary choreography and performance in projects of curatorship, publishing and writing. She holds a PhD in Art from University of the Basque Country and is part of the research group Artea. In 2010, she founded, with Leire Vergara, Miren Jaio and Beatriz Cavia, Bulegoa z/b - Oficina de arte y conocimiento in Bilbao, a project she was connected to until 2018. Since 2017 she has been in charge of curating live arts (dance-performance) in the Museo Reina Sofía’s Public Activities Department.

With the sponsorship of: Education programme developed with the sponsorship of the:   Santander Fundación