Temporary Intensity Zones (TIZs)

Throughout 2022, the Museo aims to grant visibility to different proposals resulting from work carried out over a long period of time. To this end, it puts forward a new conceptual device, under the name Temporary Intensity Zones (TIZs), which makes pre-existing transversal connections public and legible among the Museo’s different activities and productions. Equally, Temporary Intensity Zones set out the demands and conflicts that characterise our times. Mostly monthly and organised around a collectively relevant thematic, historical and artistic nucleus, TIZs bring together and question the Museo in its entirety, particularly the new presentation of its Collection, and its temporary exhibitions, publishing activity, digital projects, public activities and the active expanded institutionalism of Museo en Red and Museo Situado. In this manner, and propelled by the pressing issues dealt with in each TIZ, the Museo opens up to the many communities that pass through and shape it.