TIZ 5. Phantasmata

September – November 2022
20 November 1936! Durruti, 1936. Museo Reina Sofía
20 November 1936! Durruti, 1936. Museo Reina Sofía

No form comes about without its ghost. Like the shadow in relation to its body, the ghost is, from its etymology (phantasma), imagination made visible; an appearance made manifest; a fiction that allows that which exists to be thought of. Like the castle that inhabits the ruin or the peace that inhabits the army, all institutions can be thought of from the phantasmagorias that wander through them.

There is truth to the rumours of spirits in the corridors of the Museo and the rooms of the old hospital remaining today in its exhibition rooms, in the same manner that a work disintegrates in its phases. For instance, the other forms Guernica took on during its process of creation — the pictures that never were — still enchant it, while the very notion of an archive, as an artefact to document a collection, represents a ghost for the Museo. Yet how can performances be collected if by their very nature they leave no trace?

This TIZ reflects on ghostly relationships, the relationships of events with history, of citizens with politics, of inhabitants with the home or of the missing with those still waiting for them. In the month of the dead, we think about mourning and lamenting, memory and forgetting, and forms of presence and disappearance from the unique spectrality which the same idea of a museum imposes upon us.



Actividad pasada Thursday, 22 September 2022 - 7pm
Free Unions. Returning Souls (Popol Vuh [Wuj]), a Performance by Benvenuto Chavajay
Activities on the Collection

For this edition of Free Unions, the Museo invites Benvenuto Chavajay, a pre-eminent Guatemalan performer with works in the Collection, such as Hombre de maíz (Corn Man, 2019), to perform. Chavajay’s work, self-defined as chunchero, in reference to objects thrown on the ground, is characterised by its strong content of social and political critique, and with a production that includes, along with performance, the masterly use and/or reconfiguration of day-to-day elements from the community to dignify objects. In the artist’s own words: “Everything has a soul; even a plastic bag has meaning. And so there is nothing more to do but recognise, identify, multiply and dignify”.

Sabatini Building, Floor 1, Room 105

25 people


Free, until full capacity is reached, with prior registration by filling out the following form until 19 September




Actividad pasada Every Saturday, October - November 2022 - 11am
Burning Torch! Spirits, Ghosts and Other Magical Creatures

Burning Torch! joins this TIZ encounter to light up the secret corners of the Museo, inhabited by magical creatures such as spirits, angels, ghosts and imaginary animals. Across these two months, and in dialogue with the Royal Theatre, the Museo explores the traces left by certain invisible presences in the building, playing with the disappearance of impossible reflections and invoking magic in secluded underground spaces.