The Museo Reina Sofía Collection offers narratives and experiences which, without seeking to be exhaustive or categorical, speak of the present time through the critical study of the common past.

Under the title Communicating Vessels, the Collection is organised into Episodes with flexible temporalities and interdisciplinary approaches, chapters thought out organically and with the capacity to interlink, transform and incorporate others and sculpt new narratives.

The different episodes of Communicating Vessels, spanning from 1881 to the present day, can be viewed virtually on this page and in the rooms of the Museo.

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The episodes The Lost Thought, Enemies of Poetry: Resistance in Latin America (except Room 430), Apparatus 92. Can History Be Rewound?, and Exodus and Communal Life will be closed temporarily. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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Episode 1 Avant-garde Territories. City, Architecture and Magazines

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Episode 2 The Lost Thought (temporarily closed)

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Episode 3 Campo cerrado

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Episode 4 Double Exhibition: Art and Cold War

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Episode 5 Enemies of Poetry: Resistance in Latin America (temporarily closed)

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Episode 6 A Drunken Boat: Eclecticism, Institutionalism and Disobedience in the ‘80s

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Episode 7 Apparatus 92. Can History Be Rewound? (temporarily closed)

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Episode 8 Exodus and Communal Life (temporarily closed)

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