Terre sans pain (Land without Bread)

Luis Buñuel

Calanda, Teruel, Spain, 1900 - Mexico D.F., Mexico, 1983
  • Date: 
  • Media description: 
    35 mm film transferred to video (DVD)
    Direction, script and editing: Luis Buñuel
    Assistant directors: Pierre Unik and Rafael Sánchez Ventura
    Production: Ramón Acín
    Photography: Eli Lotar
    Commentary: Luis Buñuel, Pierre Unik and Ramón Acín
    Music: Fragment from Johannes Brahms’s Symphony No. 4
    Restoration: the original negative disappeared between 1939 and 1945. In 1965, Pierre Braunberger and Les Films de la Pléiade restored the film in the 1936-1937 version following the direction of Luis Buñuel.
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  • Colour: 
    Black and white
  • Sound: 
    Sound. Original version with Spanish subtitles
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  • Work temporarily loaned to the Collection. Courtesy of Les Films de Jeudi (Paris)