As a result, Documents 15, in the form of a lay memorial, brings together different voices from art criticism, curatorship and artistic and editorial production to pay homage to his life and intellectual undertakings. The subtitle to this encounter, For Another Approach to Art History, is in reference to a text by Schraenen and summarises the latter stages of his far-reaching career. Presented by Manuel Borja-Villel, director of Museo Reina Sofía. With interventions by: Emanuele Carcano. Listening to Art, Distributing Sounds / José Iges. Sounds in Freedom / Katarzyna Cytlak. Guy Schraenen without Borders: An Agent of Transatlantic and Trans-European Artistic Networks / Manuel Fontán del Junco. Eight Things I Learned from Guy Schraenen / Mela Dávila. The Artist’s Book Is an Artwork, the Archive an Artistic Concept (Video Intervention) / Lilijana Stepancic. Guy Schraenen and the International Centre of Graphic Arts Bettina Brach. Guy Schraenen in Bremen: the Idea of “A Museum inside a Museum” / João Fernandes. Dear Reader. Don’t Read. Notes from Two Artist’s Book Collections / Maike Aden. A Foreigner Abroad

Documents 15. Homage to Guy Schraenen

For Another Approach to Art History

Thursday, 9 july, 2020