This conversation took place on 11 October 2023 inside the framework of the Documents programme, the 27th instalment of which revolved around pre-eminent draughtsman and cartoonist Chris Ware (Omaha, Nebraska, 1967). Ware discussed, with illustrator Carla Berrocal, architect and researcher Enrique Bordes, and Raquel Jimeno, an activities coordinator at the Museo Reina Sofia, his experience, spanning three decades, in the world of comics, as well as the changes that have been transforming the medium and its potential today.

Documents is a programme organised by the Museo Reina Sofia which explores the relationships between art and publishing, examining themes that include the effects of archive on narratives of art history, the artist’s book and publishing as an artistic practice.

Documents 27. Chris Ware’s Worlds

Conversation between Chris Ware and Carla Berrocal, Enrique Bordes and Raquel Jimeno

29 november, 2023
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