Gómez de Liaño is key to understanding the experimental poetry scene in Spain. As a poet, he started out alongside Julio Campal in the avant-garde group Problemática 63, before moving in a different direction, setting up his own initiative with the Cooperativa de Producción Artística y Artesana, with Herminio Molero and Manolo Quejido, among others. Gómez de Liaño’s work focused on theoretical development, via manifestos, and organising events and collective exhibitions around experimental poetry, granting visibility to a number of overseas artists in the Spanish scene. Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in the cultural activity that emerged at the time in the major centres of artistic production, such as the German Institute in Madrid, the Computing Centre at the University of Madrid and the 1972 Pamplona Encounters.

Ignacio Gómez de Liaño

18 december, 2019
Video The Collection