Since the start of her career, Natalia Iguiñiz (b. Lima, 1973) has worked in close connection with different women’s collectives and feminist movements in her country. In this interview, she analyses issues that include how her projects approach the way in which the containment of women’s sexual and reproductive rights creates major tensions in the cultural and social context of Peru. Both in her solo work and as part of different artists’ collectives — with Sandro Venturo in La Perrera (The Kennel), or alongside Claudia Coca, and others, in Colectivo Sociedad Civil (Civil Society Collective) — her practice as a poster artist has evolved towards a more direct, first-person intervention in the city’s public space as she reflects on themes such as gender identity, violence against women, political denunciation during Alberto Fujimori’s term of office and inequality in civil society.

Inside the framework of:

Feminist Revolt in the Museum

Natalia Iguiñiz

25 february, 2020
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