"They want us to be sad so we feel defeated; depressed peoples do not prevail [...] That’s why we’ve come to fight joyfully."

Arturo Jauretche, Las polémicas. Polémicas 1 (Controversies. Controversies 1), Buenos Aires, Colihue, 2009 (2ª ed.), p. 13

Children making clay sculptures, a circle of people playing with cushions, the thudding of drums to African rhythms, these are just some expressions of the joy of being together that audiovisual producer Mayo Pimentel gathers in this video during the third edition of the Museo’s Neighbourhood Picnic.

The programme includes children’s workshops, guided tours in migrant languages, a film screening and a photographic exhibition, among other activities that furnish the Museo with different uses and ways of inhabiting. After so many months of pandemic, the encounter between different collectives, associations and residents of the Lavapiés neighbourhood in the Garden was special, constituting a new opportunity to keep on vindicating what is considered just, but never at the expense of joy.

Neighbourhood Picnic

The Joy of Being Together

28 september, 2021
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