This video presents a series of dialogues with some of the artists participating in "The Potosí Principle. How Shall We Sing The Song Of The Lord In A Foreign Land?" exhibition project (Museo Reina Sofía, May 12 - Sept 6 2010). Through a series of conversations, this video atetmpts to reactivate the contexts articulated by the exhibition (London, Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, Potosí) and to elaborate on how the artists have engaged the curators' proposal and how they have responded to the historical paintings included in the exhibition. With interventions by Isaías Griñolo, Eduardo Molinari, Elvira Espejo, Max Hinderer, Miguel Benlloch, Dimitri Vilenski (Chto Delat?), Christian Von Borries, David Riff (Chto Delat?), Konstanze Schmitt, Rogelio López Cuenca, María Galindo, Matthijs de Bruijne and Migrant Workers Museum.

The Potosí Principle Artists and Contexts

May 2010
Video Exhibitions